Wow, this is huge (literally)

Stumptown Comics fest was way fun! Thanks Portland! My publisher (code word for “Dylan Williams”) informed me that my interview with the Asian Journal was posted on Friday, but it was really my auntie, mom, uncle, and especially dad who told me that it was more than just an online article:

Uhhhh??!? The article is way smaller than this.

WOW! I beat out Dingdong Dantes out of the cover!!! Awh, I love you, Ding Dong!

Anyway, here’s a link to the online version of the article. Thanks to Malou Liwanag -Bledsoe for making this happen and for dad for pounding the pavement and finally getting 7 copies at the tailor’s on Mission Street.
and a cool online presentation of the print version:

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