Blame This on the Boogie is a freeform immersion via the Great American Songbook into memory, motherhood, Filipino culture, Pittsburgh, and Dancing With the Stars fan-fiction, told with delirious hand-made energy and big-hearted charm.

– Daniel Clowes, Patience, Wilson

Latest Stories and Strips


October is Filipino American History Month. Here is an old comic about a trip back to my parents’ hometown in the Philippines for the funeral of my Lolo whose journey to the United States in the 1930s led to my family’s American experience and forged an eternal connection with a town a thousand miles away.Continue reading “Lapog”

Never satisfied

It’s been four months now and I’m actually satiated with just being able to breathe, but I still want my mom’s caldereta.

Know Yourself

Finding shelter during shelter-in-place. Take care everyone!


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