Online Comics

24 Hour Comic Challenge
An all-day comics exercise

Me with my hoodie and headphones

The Stranger, Saturday
Stuck where you’ve always been

Know Yourself
Finding shelter in shelter-in-place

Never Satisfied
A comic about food envy

Emotional Drawer
I have a tendency to feel a lot

When We Used To Go Outside
Breakfast with my buddy

Lady Mary from Downton Abbey

Summer In Oakland
Celebrating my least favorite season

Downton Crabby
Hate-watching a favorite BBC series

Snow, Snow, Snow, SNOW!
A Crooner’s Christmas


I Love You Like My Luggage
An ode to Southern Belles

A close-up of Winona

Winona Forever
Looking back at an age of innocence

You DO That Little Thing!
A timeless cheesy classic

Rina in the Cinema Parking Lot

The Nose Plays!
A comic about a casino caper

Rina is excited for 7 Layer Cake

A Few of My Favorite Things
schnitzel and noodles

A New Place of Worship
Hallelujah for hamburgers

Our Caprice Classic

On a Winter’s Evening
A drive through a winter wonderland

When You Have a Kid, You Neglect the Cat
New parents beget new habits.