Whirlwind at Stumptown Comics Festival This weekend

Yay, the Whirlwind Tour officially begins this weekend at Stumptown Comics Fest, in the lovely city of Portland, Oregon. Visit me and my pal and cartoonist ace, Lark Pien (Table 67) who also just released a new book, Long Tail Kitty. I’ll be signing copies of Whirlwind Wonderland, co-published by Portland’s publishing finest, Sparkplug Comic Books and Tugboat Press. I’ll also have this wonderful new zine, just off the press:

Pet Project - Debuting at Stumptown


a zine filled with drawings of cats, dog, hamsters, seamonkeys, and other monsters done by trevor alixopulos, andrice arp, rina ayuyang, nate beaty, gabrielle bell, mark burrier, martin cendreda, warren craghead, vanessa davis, josh frankel, renee french, mike getsiv, john hankiewicz, tim hensley, jakob klemencic, david lasky, marinaomi, mats?!, sacha mardou, ted may, ken mccarty, derek miracle, fred noland, misun oh, onsmith, lark pien, john porcellino, jesse reklaw, joey sayers, steve weissman, dalton webb, calvin wong, dan zettwoch


Stumptown Comics Fest

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