"I Know What Boys Like…"

Actually I don’t. I’m even married, and I still don’t know. But anyways, The Friends of Lulu’s latest anthology Girl’s Guide to Guy’s Stuff is in stores now. It’s true, I saw it with my own two eyeballs! I also just got my contributor copies, and the book looks great, a lot of diverse styles and stories up in there! So please show your support, and get set to read stories by talented comic artists like Lark Pien, Hellen Jo, Missy Kulik, Debbie Huey, Dorothy Grambell and many more in this action-packed, testosterone-driving anthology. As I mentioned previously, I wrote/drew a little ditty inspired by my Steeler football fervor. Here is my story, sad but true. Also, here’s a nice review from Rob Clough at Sequart.

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