Ink Pushers Ball

If you are going to APE this year or of course in the city of San Francisco, comic artist, Matt Leunig, is hosting a big music and art bash this Saturday night. I will have some smallish paintings up along side other grand Bay Area comic artists. Check it out this weekend!

“Ink Pushers Ball” at SF MART (Red Ink Studios)
Saturday, April 21, 9 p.m. ’til late
989 Market Street (entrance is on 9th Street), San Francisco, CA
Live entertainment (Mary Van Note, Fauna Valetta, the Guitar Zeros, Animal Hospital, Form & Fate, Two Playa Game, Matt Holdaway, with live art by Noir Amador, Matt Leunig, Matt Furie, Fred Noland, and art in the gallery by Rina Ayuyang, Matt Leunig, MariNaomi, Aiyana Udesen, Matt Furie, Anita Brey and more. $4 cover
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