Memories…. like the corners of my mind….

Photo of the show by Tammy Salzl. I was invited by artist and curator Anthony Easton to draw my take of what a 1950 Ford looks like from memory. (That’s not me in the above picture. I’m a girl!) The finished product is being exhibited right now in a group show. The details don’t sayContinue reading “Memories…. like the corners of my mind….”

And now here’s something we hope you rilly like!

Well, my FTP is on the blink… so no new doodle to post today, bad news bears. I was going to put a page from an older story in its place, but then I thought maybe you’re interested in knowing what projects I’m working on right now? Maybe? No? Anyway, above is the title pageContinue reading “And now here’s something we hope you rilly like!”