He Writes, She Sleeps, I Eat

He Writes, She Sleeps, I Eat

I was eating my burrito (actually, Ken’s burrito) and I turned around and saw him writing and Cat sleeping peacefully. Then I suddenly realized that it was strangely quiet, kind of like the same feeling you get when you look up from the book you’re reading in the library and realize where you are. No TV (NO “Heroes”!), no music, no noise from the street, and I thought… “Wow, is this the very last scene on earth or what?!?” Thank god, it wasn’t… I think. I mean, I KNOW.

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2 thoughts on “He Writes, She Sleeps, I Eat

  1. You could probably hear yourself eat, huh?. When I hear myself eat, I\’m self conscious to the fact that other people can hear me eating, so I chew more slowly, and with less chewing effect to dampen chewing noise so that I may not gross people out.

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