The Man in the McIntosh Gets Starred Publishers Weekly Review

I am very excited to find out that The Man in the McIntosh Suit received a starred review from Publishers Weekly!

Revelations come with the coincidences and cases of mistaken identity classic to pulp fiction, and Ayuyang’s Chagall-esque art gracefully captures both the antics of Bobot’s friends and family, which punctuate the narrative with levity like sunshine breaking through the San Francisco fog, and more quiet moments: the sinuous lines of a nightclub performance, the romantic swoon of a stolen kiss, a solitary walk in the city. Throughout, the undercurrents of loneliness and racial prejudice add depth. This melancholic yet glimmering story brings to life a generation of immigrants often overlooked by histories of the period.

– Publishers Weekly

Read the rest of the review at Publishers Weekly, and then buy the book at your favorite bookstore.

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