Hit Lists

Let’s see! I know I know, I’ve been bad at posts, but listen, okay I am working on three new comics as well as trying to finish up on these zany DWTS prints. I will hopefully be back on track next month/year! But oh, look! Listen! This is so cool! My story “Arroz Caldo” has been included in the Notables list in the Best American Comics 2011 anthology. I actually first found out about it when I was looking at the book in Alexander Books near my work. There is a great mix of well-known and newly-discovered talent in this one, making it, I think, one of strongest volumes in the series. (And yes, I thought that BEFORE I saw my name in the Notables list, okay?!) Anyway, below is a link to the complete list.


Speaking of lists, now that 2011 is almost over, I finally remembered to post this about 2010! Yay! Thanks to Rob Clough for inexplicably putting Whirlwind Wonderland at #25! Very honored.


Anyway, have a Happy New Year’s everyone! I’m very thankful for the great experiences I have had and all the inspiring people I have met in 2011. I hope for only great things for everyone in the coming year! Be safe and be happy!


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