Sacramento, the Capitol City

OOOhhh Sacramento.. the center of California politics! I love it for the Crocker Museum, Tower Bridge and that zany Joe’s Crab Shack…not to mentio, the mayor is KJ from the Phoenix Suns! So, but anyway Hey guys! I’ll be at the Indy Euphoria – Indy Comix, DIY & Vinyl Toy Convention in the River City tomorrow. I’ll be hanging out with proprietor, publisher and pal, Dylan Williams at the SPARKPLUG COMIC BOOKS signing copies of my new book “Whirlwind Wonderland.” If you’re in the area, make sure to stop on by and take a gander at all the other great comics that Sparkplug carries. There will also be awesome Bay Area cartoonists such as Josh Frankel, Andrice Arp, Jesse Reklaw, Damien Jay, Minty Lewis, Jason Martin, Jed Alexander, and Family Style showcasing their latest work. Also Special Guests of the show: Jim Woodring, Jeffrey Brown, Nate Powell, Tom Neely, and many more. Pretty cool!

The show runs all at the Jan.9-10.

Published by rinaok

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