Whirlwind Premiere!


So it’s official! Sparkplug Comic Books and Tugboat Press have teamed up to publish my new book, Whirlwind Wonderland, a collection of old favorites and new comic stories, including an array of colorful doodles! I am very excited to say that the book is making its world debut in my own Bay Area stomping grounds at APE, the Alternative Press Expo this weekend, October 17-18. I will be hanging out with proprietor, Mr. Dylan “Reporter” Williams at the Sparkplug Comic Book table. Please stop by and say hi! Many thanks to Dylan and Greg Means for making this whole thing happen!

Sparkplug Comic Books, http://sparkplugcomicbooks.com
Tugboat Press, http://tugboatpress.com

APE, http://comic-con.org/ape

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