New Comix Claptrap

Thien Pham and I posted yet another new episode of our comics podcast, the Comix Claptrap:

Cartoonist Trevor Alixopulos chats with us about his latest book, “The Hot Breath of War”, his tips on proper pen nib usage, and the allure of Santa Rosa architecture. We also discuss new comics with our favorite New Comics Wednesday beat reporter-cartoonist Josh Frankel. But before all that, Thien and Rina give a brief preview of the 2008 Alternative Press Expo (APE) as well as analyze the winner of this season’s Project Runway. Prick up your ears in amazement!

The Comix Claptrap,

We’re trying to do these once a week, but we might have to go back to twice a week, so we can actually work on comics.

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