New Zoo Revue

No doodles today once again. I’m sorry! But know that I’m working on comics-work-business-projects stuff and I’ll have some stuff for you to look at soon! Speaking of which, I thought though that I’d take this time to post some reviews of my recent most minicomic efforts.

Tom Spurgeon at Comics Reporter wrote a review of Doodle Daze that made my eyes pop and my heart melt:

Rob Clough has also taken the time to write in his High-Low column some nice reviews of my newest mini Overwhelming Wot-Not:
And also of the ole Namby Pamby #4.:

And lastly, while scouring the internet search engines one evening, I discovered a review written up by Kevin “Whitey” Bramer of Optical Sloth about Namby Pamby #4.

What’s interesting and crazily startling about this certain review is the history I have with Optical Sloth. In 2001, when I made my first ever mini-comic “Namby Pamby #1”, I gave it to Kevin to review. Unfortunately though, he had some pretty harsh, scathing remarks which almost made me want to quit comics and eat an entire cheesecake or at least fist-fight. His write-up did not match the more supportive reviews that I had been relishing at the time which were probably too easy on me now that I look back on it. Anyway, after the initial emotional charge (which took a good couple of months), I eventually preoccuppied my mind with other things (like football) and eventually, but slowly, learned that a review like that was also helpful in a way, assinine as that may sound. In some way, it taught me to not take criticism too-too personally, and instead deal with it in a more constructive manner: to only move forward, to have confident in my voice but to keep learning new ways to perfect it — basically to work harder at what I love which is comics and art (as well as food and video games, but that’s another story.) Now 7 years later, when I read Kevin’s latest review of “Namby Pamby #4”, it sort of feels like everything is coming full-circle like my early comics were leading to something good? Right? Maybe? But then again, I kind of go against everything I’m saying here, and might be putting way too much weight on this. Anyway, it was at least nice to read it on a late Friday night, and it DID motivate me to draw afterwards, so…

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3 thoughts on “New Zoo Revue

  1. That Optical Sloth guy ripped me to shreds, too, except it happened a lot more recently. Worst of all, I didn\’t even submit it for review (and have never given Laterborn to anyone to review). But I had the same reaction, where it makes me more inspired to step up my game. It also makes me appreciate all the positive feedback I\’ve gotten, after seeing how easy it is for someone to tear you down.Anyway, congrats on making him eat his words. And for the Comics Reporter review too!

  2. thanks for the comments jason. Um, that review was pretty harsh. But while he doesn\’t seem to appreciate that one comic, there are many other people out there that do, like me. I love your work, and I admire your passion for storytelling. And also, let me know when the next Laterborn comes out!

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