here we are!

Aunties who lunch

Hi guys, no doodle today, blah blah blah, but here’s another sort of sneak preview of what i’ve been working on besides the daily doodles. It sort of doesn’t make sense, of course, but I don’t want to give everything away! Anyway, it’s been kind of slow in the comics department. I want to draw more each week, but you know other stuff gets in the way like the whole BRETT FAVRE saga, and also waiting to see who everyone’s VP nominee is.

Speaking of which, our very own VP (haha), Ken, still has copies of his funny and charming zine “Tales of the Warehouse: Little David” available for purchase or trade ($2.00, please). I’ll scan an image of the cover tonight! But yes, if you’d like a copy, you can leave a comment to this post! It’s a great endearing portrait of a sweet lovable friend.

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