Thank you, Mr. Root

I heard the news about RORY ROOT this morning. It greatly saddened me.

I never got a chance to have a REAL conversation with Rory, had only corresponded with him briefly through emails, but I would definitely always see him at conventions and of course at Comic Relief. Everytime I did see him, he always had a warm smile and this positive energy that was so contagious. His store opened up a whole new world in comics that I never thought existed: Love and Rockets, ACME Novelty company, and other alternative comics. In the beginning when I started to draw minicomics, his encouragement and enthusiasm in putting my little scraggly minis on the shelf next to all these comic artists that I had admired inspired me to stay creative. There aren’t a lot of big comic store owners that would do this, support small press starters like me, but he did. And that gave me such confidence and hope.

Thank you so much, Rory, for your heart, your spirit, and passion. We will miss you!

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