Springtime Sushi

Hi there! Sorry for the delay between posts. I took a short break with some distractions, but here’s some stuff I drew these past couple of mornings. The first page was done while waiting for a bus that never arrived because of the crazy traffic on the bridge yesterday. My hand was cramping and my shoulder was hurting because of my bag. The second one was done while I was having fits of allergy sneezes. You can kind of figure out when i gradually lose the energy to draw in both of them.

EDIT: (3/20/2008)I have added the last two pages, which were drawn a day after the first two. The third page was drawn on a windy day in the bus station. The last page of the story was drawn with no adverse weather or health conditions, so there is no real excuse I can give for it looking blechhy.

Sushi Lunchtime (page 1)

Sushi Lunchtime (page 2)

Sushi Lunchtime - page 3

Sushi Lunchtime - page 4

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