This was wednesday

Have you ever watched “Animal Precinct” on the Animal Planet channel? I took a break from it and started watching it again. Crazy cases of animal cruelty ensue! This one, I think was supposed to be a special episode where the animal Fuzz tell their most memorable stories. One was of this black lab who had a huge tumor hanging from his face. It was soo heavy that it was dragging the skin over his left eye so it looked like he had only one eye… “Awh, man! Why you even got to do a thing!” Anyway, there was also a case about a dog with 200 ticks on him, but that was actually grosser to draw than the huge tumor dog. After this episode, there was a show about parasites found in your body. The Animal Planet has some grossie shows.

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3 thoughts on “This was wednesday

  1. Ah, your rainy day drawing did happen yesterday. Yeah, I was at a coffee shop and looked out the window as the rain suddenly came down hard and those who did not have umbrellas were scared for their lives, running towards buildings. You would have thought that a giant creature, was after them!And you should\’ve seen their faces, they really looked concerned. I, on the other hand, was relaxed and seated enjoying a morning bun with hot freshly brewed organic coffee reading the daily paper.Ah, the poor bourgoise masses running for cover in wing-tips and heels and business attire. How uncouth!Anyway, great doodle blog. Your drawings are really good and the commentary is a nice touch.

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