Back in the Cavern

Well, still working on the comic. I’m on page 18 of who knows how many. Here’s a picture of my desk again. No, I don’t draw in the dark (maybe mentally though.) I just had to throw something in the garbage can there, and then I thought, “hey, that’s some good lighting.” And technically, I tend to draw more on my coffee table in the living room in front of the TV and dirty everything up with eraser marks. Also, sometimes I take a break to eat Otis Spunkmeyer cookies.

Anyway, on my breaks, I also tend to recommend some places to visit. Like here for Hellen and Lark’s awesome exhibits. And here, here, and here to find out what great new stuff I’ll be missing out at SPX. Do you know other good comics I’ll be missing? Let me know!

Published by rinaok

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