Memories…. like the corners of my mind….

Photo of the show by Tammy Salzl.

I was invited by artist and curator Anthony Easton to draw my take of what a 1950 Ford looks like from memory. (That’s not me in the above picture. I’m a girl!) The finished product is being exhibited right now in a group show. The details don’t say who else is in this show, but I believe there might be drawings from comic geniuses like Sammy Harkham and Seth.

The 1950 FORD SHOW
Art Gallery of Alberta
September 22, 2007-January 6, 2008
Guest Curated by Anthony Easton

Edmonton artist and curator Anthony Easton takes American Pop-Conceptualist, Ed Ruscha at his word. Ruscha’s 1977 drawing: WILL 100 ARTISTS DRAW A 1950 FORD FROM MEMORY plants the seed that Easton cultivates by actually soliciting 100 artists to concretize Ruscha’s Conceptual fantasy.

The results range from café sketches through pop commix renditions to highly crafted illustrations. The ensemble makes for a delightful installation, reasserting the primacy of mark-making and reconsiders the Conceptualist implulses in contemporary art.

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