New York, New York! One Helluva Town!

  Oh New York, you sure do take my breath away! You too, BCGF… literally.  As someone who is deathly afraid of flying, I will always begin my con reports with details of my flight experience because the amount of agony and stress over flying equals the same amount of time and energy trying toContinue reading “New York, New York! One Helluva Town!”

APE 2012: Ticket Stub Debuts and Other Awesome News!

Whoa, you guys, this year has really flown by! I still have yet to write con reports for the previous shows that I’ve attended this year, which were amazing, but now another show is starting up: The 2012 Alternative Press Expo (APE) this weekend right across the bay in San Francisco, CA! Woot, woot! CheckContinue reading “APE 2012: Ticket Stub Debuts and Other Awesome News!”

"Chicagooo! Chicagooo! That Toddlin’ Town"

It’s been about 15 years since the last time I’ve been to Chicago, and I’m happy to be exhibiting with Lark Pien at the Chicago Alternative Comics Expo this weekend. See us at Table 39! To kick off  Yam Books, we will be debuting Lollygag, a mesmerizing drawing anthology edited by Lark, showcasing the obsessiveContinue reading “"Chicagooo! Chicagooo! That Toddlin’ Town"”

It’s official!! Wish us luck!

YAM BOOKS LAUNCHED Oakland, CA May 8, 2012 – The cold, stark winter months are now past, and with spring’s arrival we celebrate the bloom of Yam Books, Bay Area–based small-press publisher of art books and comics. Stemming from a deep-rooted desire to see more work by inspiring and visionary creators, Yam Books’ mission isContinue reading “It’s official!! Wish us luck!”

This Saturday is FREEEEEE Comic Book Day! So go to your friendly neighborhood comics store, and get some free comics as well as BUY some comics to help our industry out! As a part of this wonderful holiday, the ever amazing Tugboat Press, Mr. Greg Means, has published a free comic called Runner, Runner whichContinue reading