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When the Dust Settles
Fall 2014, 5.5x8.5, full color,60 pp
$4.00 (US) + s&h

A mini-comic collection of slice-of-life strips covering a range of topics such as ridiculous dads, well-meaning moms, frustrating sports teams, curious kids and mind-numbing reflective moments. First seen on my blog, Tumblr page, and other online avenues from 2011 to 2014.

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Doodle Daze

Outta This Comes the Crazy
2011, 5.5 x 7 ", b/w, 64 pp, tape bound
$7.00 (US) + s&h

A sequel to doodle Daze, this comic collects a selection of sketchbook doodles and daily strips from my blog from 2009 to 2011 chronicling pregnancy, parenthood, family and comics-making.

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Doodle Daze
Whirlwind Wonderland
2009, 128 pp, b/w interior with color sketchbook section
$15.00 (US) + s&h

This is my first graphic novel which collects favorite stories from the Namby Pamby minicomic series and various anthology contributions as well as new stories that center around family, cultural history, football fanaticism, and thoughts on a crazy but lovable father. Also includes a 10 page color section of doodle diary strips. Thanks to the great Sparkplug Comic Books and Tugboat Press for publishing this Ignatz-nominated book.
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Doodle Daze

Emberley Galaxy
, 60pp, b/w with some color interiors
$12.00 (US)

This lovely collection of comics was inspired by the work and world of Ed Emberley, and drawn by cartoonists such as Jeffrey Brown, Dan Zettwoch, Alex Holden, David Kiersh and more more more. I clearly remember the Emberly thumbprint books from my youth, and I knew I had to do a story that incorporated the thumbprint hat and bow-tied people I had created as a child. I had fun making my story for this book. It talked about how our perception of life changes as we grow up. This was beautifully printed and edited by Joe Kuth.
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Stuff That's Outta Print

Doodle Daze

pet project
2010, 4"x5", b/w, 36 pp, gocco cover, crazy japanese stab binding
$5.00 (US) + s&h

A zine filled with drawings of cats, dog, hamsters, seamonkeys, and other monsters done by Trevor Alixopulos, Andrice Arp, Rina Ayuyang, Nate Beaty, Gabrielle Bell, Mark Burrier, Martin Cendreda, Warren Craghead, Vanessa Davis, Josh Frankel, Renee French, Mike Getsiv, John Hankiewicz, Tim Hensley, Jakob Klemencic, David Lasky, MariNaomi, Mats?!, Sacha Mardou, Ted May, Ken McCarty, Derek Miracle, Fred Noland, Misun Oh, Onsmith, Lark Pien, John Porcellino, Jesse Reklaw, Joey Sayers, Steve Weissman, Dalton Webb, Calvin Wong, and Dan Zettwoch.

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Temporarily out of print

Overwhelming Wot Not
Overwhelming WOT-NOT
2008, 54pp, b/w
$3.00, (US)

I made this mini for the 2008 SF Zine Fest! I read some of it aloud at a comics reading at the Cartoon Art Museum. That was fun. Overwhelming WOT-NOT asks the important question "What happens when your world is suddenly set on FIRE!?!?" You get caught up in ridiculously melodramatic hijinx, of course, in which 5 tales of bizarre hilarity guide your way through the treacherous flames of writer's block, fire alarms, challenged soccer players, and sushi luncheons. Sparkplug Comic Books' distro might still have some at a convention near you.
Doodle Daze
Doodle Daze
2008, 56pp, b/w
$3.00, (US)

I think this is the first real minicomic that I made which didn't make me cringe when I glanced at it! I made this really out of whim, not taking it too seriously which is why I guess it turned out better than previous minis for me. It included 56 pages of selected doodles and comic strips that I posted on my blog and this here website during the year 2007, as well as sketches never seen before (for better or for worse.) Definitely my favorite, perhaps because of the string-binding? I wish I could reprint this, but that binding got the best of me.
I think Sparkplug Comic Books' distro has some still.

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Doodle Daze

$3.00, (US)
- out of print
2008, b/w on white and cream stock, hand-stamped vellum cover

One time, Renee French and I, during one of our chatting sessions, decided to make an impromptu pocket book of drawings for the upcoming APE show. We both came up with 12 drawings in about two weeks, each depicting designs for off-the-wall homes of the future. We planned the production and layout all on IM, and emailed pictures of our drawings to each other. We managed to pull it off. She made the covers and I printed the innards. We met at the show and combined all the pieces, collated and stapled them behind Lark Pien's table.

NP 4

Namby Pamby #4
$3.00, (US)
- out of print
2006, 42pp, b/w, snazzy Gocco printed cover

This time I decided to go back to the grayscale but instead used Photoshop to lay in the grays for better reproduction. It turned out okay but seemed a little too clean and too flat, I think. This one debuted at APE 2006 and inside, I explore cat mania, analyze the guilty pleasures of a favorite 80's TV crime drama, and visit Stanley Donen and Cary Grant on the set. It came with a snazzy gocco cover of tube-socked children.

Sample page 1 | Sample page 2 | Sample page 3

$2.00 - out of print
2006, b/w, quarter size, gocco cover.
My sister and I used to be apartment mates and then after 10 years we moved, she to the Sunset, and I to the East Bay. During that time, we hardly got to talk as much as we used to when we lived together. So we decided to send each other drawings through the mail to show what we were up to. k.i.t is a collection of those drawings. I wish I could do a second one of these. Maybe I'll go and ask her right after I post this.

$3.00 - out of print
2005, b/w, extremely ambitious gocco cover.
I was extreme homesick after a trip back to my hometown, The Burgh. So I wanted to remember everything that happened, no matter how trivial it was, and translated these memories into a travel diary/memoir comic for my mom and sister as a memento. I decided to go crazy and make an 8 screen gocco cover which sort of came out semi-alright.

Sample page 1 | Sample page 2 | Sample page 3

haiku summer
Haiku Summer
$2.00 - out of print
2005, quarter size, gocco cover.

I collaborated with writer, Ken McCarty, to make a collection of his haiku poems accompanied with strange drawings by me, well actually the both of us.

$1.00 (US) - out of print

2005, 24pp, b/w, gocco cover, micro-mini
This comic was first going to be printed for an indy art/punk rock culture magazine, but the publication never went to press. So I published the story as a little zine with a cute gocco cover. It was a wordless comic about a man starting his day on the wrong foot, but he has a very sympathetic cat.

Sample page

NP 3

Namby Pamby #3
$3.00, (US) - out of print
2004, 32pp, b/w, 4-color cover with acrylic on cardstock
Okay in this one, I was really into the ink and brush, as well as PRO-WHITE!! It includes a collection of stories to sights unseen, Tita Babysitters, bumper sticker politics, and an ode to my hair.

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Elevator Stories

Elevator Stories
$1.00 (US) - out of print

2004, 16pp, b&w, quarter-page size
I was totally inspired by my daily trip up and down the elevator at work. You know all about it, you've found yourself stuck in one of them before. This comic was made especially for the 2004 SF Zine Festival.

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The Weather


The Vellum Laser Printer Experiment

2004, 8pp, b&w, quarter-page size
These two were made for Pond Gallery's Zine Library Mobile Project. Inspired by the concept of the Library Mobile, they drove a truck around town, making zine accessible to the masses. For some reason I decided to do an art book printed on vellum paper. Why?
For what reason? No reason, just because.

NP 2

Namby Pamby #2
$3.00, (US) - out of print
2003, 32pp, b/w, Cover in assorted colors
More experimenting with gray wash and more short stories this time though about two different families with identical houses, high school friends chatting about nothing, bunny ears, and a tribute to Dave's Coffee Shop in Oakland. "This is the kind of comic that eerily reminds you of your own life. A great read." - Punk Planet magazine, Sept 2003

Sample page

NP 1

Namby Pamby #1
$2.00 (US) - out of print
2002, 8pp, b/w, digest size, 3rd Printing.
My first mini-comic, sigh. Things seemed so simple then... This actually had no autobio stories in it, instead it include short stories about the layout of suburban housing, K-mart shopping, a honey bear of truth, and a House of Horrors. Okay, actually the last story listed was autobio. I used a lot of graywash in this which may have, okay, it DID muddle the images a bit, but I loved it.
Interview: "Rina Ayuyang Faces the Music"
By Darren Schroeder, Silver Bullet Comic Books, August 20, 2002

Sample page

Anthologies, Magazines, Webzines

"The Puke-Colored Discotheque", Pinoy Komiks Anthology, 2014.
"Untitled", comic, Runner, Runner, 2011.
"Lola", comic, The Black Forest: A Collection of Art, Comics and Folk Tales from Western Pennsylvania, 2011.
"Don't Let It Get You Down", comic, Stripburger, Issue 49, 2009.
"The Miracle Season", comic, Girls' Guide to Guys Stuff, Friends of Lulu anthology, ed. MK Reed.
2006 Year In Review comics section, East Bay Express, art director.
"Lapog", comic, Stripburger, Issue 43, 2006.
"Harold...", 1-panel gag, Desert Island Paradise anthology, ed. Josh Frankel and Joey Allison Sayers, 2006.
"Acacia", comic, SPX 2005 anthology, ed. Brian Ralph, 2005.
"Hobba-Jay-ba-Joowa", illustration, Do You Like TV? anthology, ed. Levon Jihanian, 2005.
"Oh! Sweet Mystery of Life!", comic, True Porn 2, ed. by Robyn Chapman and Kelli Nelson, 2005
"Cafe Clatch", illustration, Kitchen Sink magazine, Issue #9, 2004.
"On A Winter's Evening", comic, Snow Stories anthology, 2004.
"A New Kind of Worship", comic, Other magazine, Issue #4, 2004.
"Niagara Falls", comic, Creativeskin, Issue 1, 2004.
"Once Upon a Time on the Hill", word & image collaboration with writer, Peter Byrne, Kitchen Sink magazine, Issue #7, 2004.
"Lucha", illustration, Kitchen Sink magazine, Issue #6, 2004.
How to be a Good/Bad Library Patron, illustrations, edited by Jerianne of Zine World magazine, 2004.
Zine World: A Reader's Guide to the Underground Press, illustrations, Issue #19, 2003