Yam Books

I started Yam Books in 2012 to promote work from artists and cartoonists who inspired out-of-the-box thinking and motivated me as a fellow comics creator. Below are titles that were published through the Yam Books imprint. Copies of Hagelbarger and the Nightmare Goat and Ticket Stub are still available for purchase. Email for ordering information.

Hagelbarger and the Nightmare Goat

By Renee French
Softcover, b/w,  109 pages

A stunning vignette full of rich imagery and comics hi-jinx that tells the tale of Renee’s favorite bulbous aquatic hero, Hagelbarger, in a perilous adventure with his pals Tiffo and Hap, battling that villainous goat.

 “So many words could be used to describe Renee French’s work: Somber, frightening, desolate, primal, vivid, palpable. But I’m not going to use any of those. What fascinates me is that juxtaposed with the words I’m not going to use, are characters of undeniable cuteness. How the hell does she do that?”
– Laraine Newman

Ticket Stub

By Tim Hensley
128 pages/softcover/diecut
ISBN: 978-0-9854138-0-4

Ticket Stub collects all 9 issues of the beloved mini-comic zine series by critically-acclaimed cartoonist, Tim Hensley. In the 1990s, Tim typed subtitles for movies and broadcast television during his stint as a closed-caption editor. In darkened rooms lit only by a TV screen, he would cue up his favorite scenes and draw them into his sketchbook. No movie nor tv show, however classic or campy (ranging from Butterfield Eight to Big Momma’s House), was safe from his unique comic treatment. Mixing stark, powerful imagery with his distinct play on language, each page is dense with the Wally Gropius creator’s crisp, trademark linework. It’s truly a feast for the eyes.

Sky in Stereo #2

By Mardou
(48 pages, B/W, softcover)

Sky in Stereo #2 is the second issue of the critically-acclaimed series by cartoonist, Mardou. This issue continues the story of Iris, a young woman turning eighteen, slowly losing her tenuous grip on her world of burger-flipping, drugs, and Rock ‘n Roll.


Edited by Lark Pien
60 pages, b/w, accordion folded pages, hand-stitched, debossed letterpress cover
Includes “easter egg” fold out pages! Edition of 475

What are the images that persist in your mind, forcing themselves onto paper again and again? Artist Lark Pien wrangles some of the most dynamic and inventive minds in art and comics to dish on this very subject in Lollygag, a revealing anthology collecting the compulsive doodles from the sketchbooks of Nick Abadzis, Trevor Alixopulos, Rina Ayuyang, Nick Bertozzi, Lille Carré, Martin Cendreda, Capucine Delouis, Eleanor Davis, Vanessa Davis, Renee French, Shaenon Garrity, Tom Gauld, John Hankiewicz, Tom Hart, Dylan Horrocks, Tom Kaczynski, Megan Kelso, Dave Kiersh, Larry Marder, Maré Odomo, Lark Pien, Jesse Reklaw, Jim Rugg, Daria Tessler, Angie Wang, Malachi Ward, and Dan Zettwoch. Each page sheds new light on the murky minds of cartoonists, quirks and all!